Dinwiddie County Cemeteries

Name of Cemetery Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Abernathy Cemetery 365523N 0773526W Cherry Hill
Abernathy Cemetery 365608N 0774245W McKenney
Ampy Cemetery 370446N 0773229W Dinwiddie
Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church Cemetery 365920N 0774224W McKenney
Bain Cemetery 365701N 0773305W Cherry Hill
Bain Cemetery 365745N 0773403W Cherry Hill
Barner Cemetery 365628N 0773716W Cherry Hill
Big Bethel Cemetery 365816N 0774255W McKenney
Boisseau Cemetery 365909N 0773221W Cherry Hill
Bolster Cemetery 365454N 0773532W Cherry Hill
Booth Cemetery 370419N 0774500W De Witt
Bott Memorial Cemetery 370211N 0773834W De Witt
Butterwood Cemetery 370420N 0775138W Darvills
Butterworth Cemetery 370303N 0773725W Dinwiddie
Carraway Cemetery 365502N 0773359W Cherry Hill
Confederate Cemetery 370125N 0772641W Carson
Corinth Cemetery 370906N 0774338W Church Road
Cut Bank Baptist Church Cemetery 365617N 0774138W McKenney
Dabney Cemetery 370821N 0773447W Sutherland
Dinwiddie Memorial Park 371011N 0772702W Petersburg
Doyle Cemetery 370220N 0774335W De Witt
Drivers Cemetery 370844N 0773514W Sutherland
Eleven Oaks Cemetery 370204N 0774044W De Witt
Fitzgerald Cemetery 365833N 0774447W McKenney
Galusha Cemetery 365729N 0773625W Cherry Hill
Good Shepherd Church Cemetery 370016N 0774607W Darvills
Grace Cemetery 370812N 0775221W Hebron
Hawkins Memorial Cemetery 370110N 0773431W Dinwiddie
Hebron Cemetery 370905N 0774704W Hebron
Hill Cemetery 370601N 0774114W De Witt
Jones Cemetery 365723N 0773326W Cherry Hill
Lewis Cemetery 370128N 0773944W De Witt
Little Zion Cemetery 370235N 0772852W Carson
Madison Cemetery 365702N 0774100W McKenney
Mansons Church Cemetery 370206N 0774557W Darvills
Meredith Cemetery 370639N 0774345W De Witt
Mispah Cemetery 371233N 0774233W Church Road
Mount Level Cemetery 370356N 0773451W Dinwiddie
Mount Poole Cemetery 370827N 0774349W Church Road
Norris Cemetery 370956N 0774426W Church Road
Ocran Cemetery 371138N 0773317W Sutherland
Olgers Cemetery 371152N 0773359W Sutherland
Olive Branch Cemetery 370704N 0773306W Dinwiddie
Peagram Cemetery 365821N 0772929W Stony Creek
Poplar Grove National Cemetery 370936N 0772544W Petersburg
Reames Cemetery 370912N 0774534W Hebron
Reames Cemetery 370956N 0774531W Hebron
Reed Cemetery 365624N 0773101W Cherry Hill
Rideout Cemetery 365440N 0773447W Cherry Hill
Rocky Branch Cemetery 371119N 0773427W Sutherland
Rose Cemetery 365833N 0773455W Cherry Hill
Rowanta Cemetery 370259N 0772857W Carson
Saint Johns Cemetery 371018N 0772626W Petersburg
Saint Thomas Cemetery 370144N 0773617W Dinwiddie
Sapony Church Cemetery 365816N 0773810W McKenney
Sharon Cemetery 370342N 0774952W Darvills
Smith Cemetery 371036N 0773725W Sutherland
Smiths Grove Cemetery 370931N 0772827W Petersburg
Trinity Cemetery 371219N 0773940W Church Road
Wells Cemetery 365648N 0773720W Cherry Hill
White Oak United Methodist Church Cemetery 370823N 0774902W Hebron
Whites Cemetery 370838N 0774456W Church Road
Williams Cemetery 365753N 0774148W McKenney
Wittbuish Cemetery 370612N 0773340W Dinwiddie
Name of Church Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
All Saints Church (historical) 365808N 0774201W McKenney
Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church 365906N 0774318W McKenney
Bethel Church 370926N 0774700W Hebron
Big Bethel Church 365852N 0774247W McKenney
Bott Memorial Church 370210N 0773834W De Witt
Broomfield Church 370733N 0774855W Hebron
Butterwood Church 370421N 0775139W Darvills
Calvary Episcopal Church 370438N 0773513W Dinwiddie
Carson United Methodist Church 370157N 0772343W Carson
Central Baptist Church 371102N 0773818W Church Road
Corinth Church 370905N 0774338W Church Road
Crawford Church 370424N 0773240W Dinwiddie
Cutbank Church 365619N 0774137W McKenney
Eleven Oaks Church 370202N 0774043W De Witt
Good Shepherd Church 370016N 0774607W Darvills
Grace Church 370810N 0775221W Hebron
Gravel Run Church 370526N 0772848W Carson
Gravelly Run Church (historical) 370809N 0773600W Sutherland
Hawkins Memorial Church 370109N 0773428W Dinwiddie
Hawkins Memorial Church 370613N 0774602W Darvills
Hebron Church 370903N 0774705W Hebron
Jericho Church (historical) 370532N 0773159W Dinwiddie
Kenwood United Methodist Church 371152N 0772815W Petersburg
Lebanon Church 370436N 0773514W Dinwiddie
Little Bethel Church 365655N 0772943W Stony Creek
Little Zion Church 370234N 0772852W Carson
Lloyds Church 365732N 0773100W Cherry Hill
Mansons Church 370206N 0774557W Darvills
Marmora Church 371357N 0773824W Church Road
McKenney Baptist Church 365905N 0774301W McKenney
Mount Calvary Church 370233N 0773839W De Witt
Mount Level Church 370355N 0773445W Dinwiddie
Mount Olivet Church 365656N 0773713W Cherry Hill
Mount Poole Church 370826N 0774351W Church Road
Oak Grove Church 370546N 0772513W Carson
Oak Grove Church 371009N 0773021W Sutherland
Ocran Church 371140N 0773317W Sutherland
Olive Branch Church 370705N 0773302W Dinwiddie
Pine Grove Church 371022N 0773011W Sutherland
Poole Christian Church 371003N 0774123W Church Road
Prospect Church 370714N 0774016W De Witt
Rocky Branch Church 371120N 0773426W Sutherland
Rocky Mountain Church 365544N 0773707W Cherry Hill
Rocky Run Church 370358N 0774029W De Witt
Rowanta Church 370300N 0772856W Carson
Saint Johns Church 371017N 0772626W Petersburg
Saint Peters Church 371127N 0773757W Church Road
Saint Thomas Church 370144N 0773618W Dinwiddie
Sapony Church 365816N 0773809W McKenney
Sharon Church 370343N 0774952W Darvills
Sharon Church 370940N 0772635W Petersburg
Shiloh Church 370327N 0774921W Darvills
Smith Grove Church 370928N 0772827W Petersburg
Smyrna Baptist Church 370451N 0773451W Dinwiddie
Springfield Church 371450N 0773724W Sutherland
Tabernacle Church 370125N 0772638W Carson
Trinity Church 371221N 0773944W Church Road
White Oak Church 370824N 0774902W Hebron
Zion Church 370844N 0774434W Church Road

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